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Group Sessions, Business Services

At Recovery Journal LLC, our mission is to help all those facing substance abuse problems, to overcome their dependence issues and live a normal and healthy life.

Our Services

Group Sessions

 Research has shown that group therapy is the best option to help people overcome addiction.  A support system is very important during recovery making group therapy a powerful tool for treating substance abuse.

At Recovery Journal, we offer group therapy sessions such as:

  • ASAP- approved group sessions
  • Aftercare groups
  • Peer recovery groups
  • Substance Abuse groups for youth ages 12-17
  • Anger groups
  • Trauma groups for men and women
  • 55+ club

Individual Sessions

At Recovery Journal, we offer individual counseling sessions for substance abuse for those needing special care.

We also offer observed drug testing. For individuals and also offer lab confirmation.

Business Services

There are many employers in the USA who have taken positive steps to address substance abuse issues among their employees.

At Recovery Journal, our mission is to assist these employers and help their employees coping with substance abuse.

Through our business services, we offer observed in-house drug testing.

We also provide lab confirmations.

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Recovery Journal exists to assist those in need.

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