Welcome to Recovery Journal LLC

Recovery Journal LLC provides therapy services for mental health and substance abuse through encouragement, empathy, and hope.

Our mission is to give love back to the world.

About our work

Recovery Journal has four types of service offerings – individual sessions, couples counseling, group-based recovery programs, and business services. We use evidence-based materials for our recovery sessions. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT PROVIDE MEDICATION ASSISSTED TREATMENT SUCH AS METHADONE, SUBOXONE, ECT.

Group-based recovery programs

At Recovery Journal we offer various types of group sessions such as ASAP approved group sessions and peer recovery group services. Peer support is non-professional, non-clinical assistance received from individuals with similar conditions, to help achieve long-term recovery goals.

We also provide aftercare group assistance to those who are coping from substance abuse,for individuals that need extra support in learning how to live a healthy lifestyle from addiction.

Individual Therapy Sessions

The focus of the Recovery Journal is the overall well-being of our clients. We work together with each client to help create a better future for them.

Special business services

We also offer EAP services to assist employers to help an employees who may need help with coping with recovery or mental health issues.

At Recovery Journal, we offer our clients a safe and judgment-free environment to help them cope with substance dependence or mental health issues, and regain their self- confidence.

We have several types of therapy sessions, find the one that is just right for you to make a appointment please send an email to support@recoveryjournalllc.com.

Do you want to know more about our mental health services or substance abuse recovery sessions?